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Luxurious Designer Handbag
Made in Colombia

From acclaimed designer Diana Sanabria comes a truly exceptional fully-lined leather handbag with a secure zipper pocket, and a snap pocket. It has a distinctive smooth, exotic flap closure
that is sure to excite comment.
Visit her exclusive clothing and accessory boutique
in Healdsburg for more unique items.

Fair Market Value: $420

Donated by: Diana Sanabria


Stunning Gemstone Inlay Onyx Bookends


Two absolutely magnificent Black Onyx Bookends of the Aztec Sun God and Moon Goddess with gemstone inlays across the
large crown, neck, and legs.
Gemstones are: jasper, lapis lazuli, and more.
Each measures 7” h x 3 ½” w.

The Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon are
the two oldest structures (pyramids) in Mexico City!

Fair Market Value: $400

Donated by: Global Philanthropy Consulting


Ode to Odetta

Odetta Holmes was called the Voice of the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King Jr. named her the Queen of American Folk Music. Time magazine included her song “Take This Hammer” on its list of the 100 Greatest Popular Songs, stating that “Rosa Parks” was her No. 1 fan. This wonderful rendition of a powerful lady is a treasure for life!
Measures 18”x 24” including the frame

Fair Market Value: $275

Donated by: Jeanie Dooha


Abstract Expressionist Urban Landscape Untitled

In Untitled, a Monograph on Paper, acclaimed California painter
Mark Erickson captures the essence of urban life with
powerful colors and subdued tones in acrylic ink. Acid-free mat dimensions -2 ¾” square. Custom-made, brushed, dark grey stainless steel 18” x 24” frame from the Painter’s Place of San Francisco.
Museum quality / UV protection glass.

Donated by: Global Philanthropy Consulting

Fair Market Value: $1000


Vibrant Embroidery

Decorate your wall or table with this colorful floral pattern embroidered on a black background. Using a chain stitch, the looped stitches create a long flowing design. The ornamental floral motifs and the color selection represent strong energy, purity, good fortune and success.
Machine made using wool yarn threads.

Measures 76” l x 35” w.

Fair Market Value: $150

Donated by: Wendell Johnson



Still Life at Dawn Tapestry

An exquisite wall hanging by artist David & Lea Poliat. Original mid-century Spanish felt tapestry. 100% Spanish virgin wool.  Made from 1965 to 1980.  Made of pre-WWII Spanish virgin wool felt. When viewed from a distance this amazing tapestry looks like a painting! Will not fade.

Measures 27 ½” x 35”.

Fair Market Value: $800

Donated by: Global Philanthropy Consulting


Beautiful Thai Folk Art

Silver Lotus Flowers with Leaves

Drawing on the Thai Folk Art Tradition, the artist has used the insides of ordinary coke cans to create a beautiful scene of lotus flowers growing in the mud, symbolizing the beauty and meaningfulness that can be found within the murky challenges of ordinary life.

Donated by: Wendall Johnson

Fair Market Value: $250


Extraordinary Hand-Painted Wall Fan

Exquisite decorative fan painted with cranes, symbols of good fortune
and longevity, flying in a landscape of vibrant flowers
and serene mountains.
Painted on gold colored paper and mounted
on a red-dyed bamboo stick frame.

Measures 30” h x 46” w

Fair Market Value: $150

Donated by: Global Philanthropy Consulting


Three Blue Calcite Crystals

A gentle stone that is ideal for relaxation. It is said that Blue Calcite facilitates healing by clearing negative emotions, while also absorbing this emotional energy, purifying it and returning the now positive energy back to its original source. When working with the throat chakra, Blue Calcite amplifies the energy, helping you to communicate more clearly with others. This precious crystal also enhances intuition, memory and learning.

Donated by: Living Green Design

FMV: $150


Two Red Calcite Crystals

Red Calcite can be used for all types of healing because of its direct relationship with the Base Chakra: the root of all physicality. Stepping forward in life becomes easier because of this crystals power to remove stagnant energy, dissolving blockages. Red calcite is energizing and detoxifying, increasing life force, reducing stress and hypertension, soothing imbalances that have brought on exhaustion, and removing fear and bringing awareness of the source.

Donated by: Living Green Design

FMV: $275


Quan Yin


In Chinese, she is known as Quan Yin, the altruistic presence of compassion. Free of pride, envy, anger, desire or stupidity, she loves each being throughout all worlds like a precious only child.  A treasure made in Bali and exquisitely carved in wood and then artistically painted.

Fair Market Value: $300

Donated by: Karen Silberman


A Delightful Day in West Sonoma County

Halleck Vineyard Tour and Tasting for Ten in Sebastopol

Receive the ultimate VIP treatment at this boutique winery

and an opportunity to meet with the winemakers.

Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary Near Occidental

Discover tranquility and renewal with a Cedar Enzyme Bath for Two.

Includes a Sacred Light CD, music for healing.


Donated by: Halleck Vineyards and Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

FMV: $530


Tour and Tasting at Gloria Ferrer

Vineyards and Lunch at Park 121

in Sonoma for Four


The perfect moment awaits you and three of your guests at the award-winning Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards in Sonoma.
You can choose their contemporary tasting room or relax on the picturesque outdoor Vista Terrace while enjoying a beautiful Sonoma County day overlooking vineyards.

Afterwards your party will be treated to lunch at Park 121 Cafe and Grill in Cornerstone Sonoma, a wine country marketplace and home to Sunset’s Gardens and Outdoor Test Kitchen.

Donated by: Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards & Park 121 Cafe and Grill 

Fair Market Value: $300


Gorgeous Sunsets at Bodega Bay Lodge for One Night for Two


Consistently Rated #1 on Sonoma Coast

Experience the fresh cuisine of Drakes Sonoma Kitchen with panoramic views, wine by the fire, spa services, whirlpool spa and sauna, and complimentary wine and cheese.

Donated by: Bodega Bay Lodge

Fair Market Value: $400


Two Nights at the Historic Madrona Manor Wine Country Inn and Restaurant for Two


Healdsburg’s Most Romantic Destination in the Heart of Wine Country

Savor a candelite dinner at the Michelin Star Restaurant beginning with a garden inspired cocktail in the chic bar. Stroll through the gardens or enjoy a swim in the outdoor pool.
Includes $100 certificate for dinner.  Also includes buffet breakfast.

Donated by: Madrona Manor

FMV: $1000


Three Nights at a
Stunning Sonoma Coast Getaway 


This spacious off-grid farmhouse on a 40-acre organic fruit and flower farm is less than 3 hours from San Francisco. Just off Hwy. 1 near Gualala, and 1/4 mile above the ocean, the home has a huge living space, comfortable wood burning stoves, and an amazing wood-fired brick oven in the rustic kitchen.
The house sleeps 14 people. Perfect for family reunions and group getaways!

Christmas 2017 to New Year 2018 is booked.

Donated by: Katie Spence

Fair Market Value: $1,500


Sail on a Maiden Voyage of the Educational Tall Ship on San Francisco Bay for Four

Enjoy a Unique Educational Excursion and Lunch with the Captain

Join Captain Alan Olson on an exciting adventure to the Matthew Turner, a traditional 19th century wooden tall ship designed from a vessel built by the most prolific shipbuilder in the history of the United States, Matthew Turner.  Enjoy a visit to the ship being fitted out in the water in Sausalito and an exciting four-hour long maiden voyage Summer of 2018.  Date TBD.  This will be a momentous occasion.  Be part of the history!

Included in this package is an architectural rendering of the ship.

Donated by Captain Alan Olson 

Fair Market Value: $500


Wow! A Fabulous San Francisco Getaway for Two

Three nights at a chic Airbnb with dinner at Anzu, an elegant and intimate restaurant, featuring an innovative fusion menu of California cuisine and Japanese flavors.


This private room and bath adjoin a stunning Italian garden in the heart of SOMA. The room is at the back of the house accessed through the garage.

A quiet respite from the bustle of the city. Wifi, TV, coffee pot, microwave & hair dryer included. There is no kitchen.

Close to Moscone Center, Downtown & ATT Park.

Donated by: Cindy Casey

FMV: $550


Two Luxurious Merino Wool Shawls


Top your coat with one for a stylish accent, wear as a light wrap in the evening or just luxuriate in comfort while you read or meditate.  100% Merino Wool from Kashmir region of India. These handcrafted shawls are light weight, soft and warm.  Two-Sided Wine and Chocolate and the other is Two-Sided Green and Turquoise, 45” x 85”.

Donated by: Howard Thornton

FMV: $375


Create a Stunning Website!


Fall Presents is one of San Francisco’s top marketing companies. Whether your passion project is for business, a social occasion or charity event, receive consulting on the marketing strategy, content development, image selection and links to social media.

The actual market value of this package is $5,000 but the price is reduced for the auction. Package does not include the cost of a URL, hosting platform or photography that may need to be purchased. The maximum is 10 pages and does not include ecommerce capabilities.

Donated by Veronica Fall

Fair Market Value $2,500


Harmonizing Feng Shui Consultation

Make 2018 the most successful year possible by investing in a 2-hour onsite Feng Shui Consultation. Your personalized session will focus on optimizing your health, harmony and well-being in the coming year using classic Feng Shui tools.

You will receive:

  • Printed copies of your Customized Bagua Map, Personalized Homeowner’s Directionality Chart and Chinese Astrology Chart (Up to 3 people).
  • A Verbal assessment about your space including: Yin & Yang, Five Elements and tailored energy flow analyses

Aelita Leto is an internationally trained Feng Shui Master who has been in practice for nearly 15 years. She is the owner of Om Tao Feng Shui and APL Design.

Donated by: Aelita Leto

FMV: $800


Garden Design Consultation

Green 17 Landscape Architecture & Design is a Sausalito based design practiced dedicated to high quality design and a thoughtful balance of the relevant fields of art, ecology and engineering in our garden designs. Green 17 works within a comprehensive design process that creates resilient and meaningful landscapes with a sound theoretical base. There is a strong sense of place and sanctuary in each of our gardens. The package includes a site visit and follow up notes from designer Tim O’Shea, a founding principal of Green 17.

Donated by: Tim O’Shea

FMV: $500


Radiant Enlightenment Buddha Print


Sitting on a white and pink lotus throne in meditation pose, with a Bodhi Leaf behind him and emanating rainbow light, the Buddha touches
 the earth with his right hand representing our natural birthright to Enlightenment.

The ornate gold appropriately frames this glowing image of the Buddha.

Measures 12” x 12”

Fair Market Value$200

Donated by: Tibetan Aid Project


Buddha and Manjushri

Empowered Bronze Statues


Buddha awakens, seeing through illusion, experiencing endless joy and peace while sharing spontaneously the wealth and light of pure being with  all sentient beings.

Manjushri, the Wisdom Buddha, bears a flaming sword that cuts through illusion, manifesting piercing insight.

Each blessing-empowered delicate bronze measures 2 ¾ inches.

Donated by: Tibetan Aid Project

Fair Market Value: $500


Handcrafted Tibetan Tea Kettle


Stylized animals and features of nature decorate this century old, nickel silver alloy teapot from the South-Eastern Tibetan-Chinese frontier.

Original condition with decades of wear give the kettle classic charm.

Approximately 15” x 16” x 8”  and five pounds.

Donated by: Sharon Muneno and Ray Johnston

Fair Market Value: $250



Rare Tibetan Rug from Lhasa 

Delicate decorative lotuses highlight this classic
and rare rug made in Tibet’s capital, Lhasa. 

Beautifully crafted with handspun wool using vegetal dyes.
80 knots per square inch

Measures 4’ x 6’

Donated by: Steve Laska, Endless Knot Rugs

Fair Market Value: $1900