Fund a Library

Help restore the heritage and sacred literature of the Tibetan people. For every $100 you donate, the Tibetan Aid Project will be able to provide 10 books. The heart of Tibetan culture is in their literature—in texts that contain invaluable teachings on wisdom and compassion.

Make a difference in the world by donating any of the following amounts:

$10,000 will provide 1,000 books
$5,000 will provide 500 books
$2,500 will provide 250 books
$1,000 will provide 100 books
$500 will provide 50 books
$250 will provide 25 books
$100 will provide 10 books

Your pledge will support the production and shipment of sacred Tibetan texts to the Tibetan community in exile, and will seed libraries all over the Himalayan region. Together, we can help to provide education for the next generations of Tibetans, encourage literacy, provide Tibetan women with more opportunities for education and help to rebuild a culture.

Help us preserve the ancient wisdom traditions of Tibet.


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